"The salad's salt."

Translation:Το αλάτι της σαλάτας.

October 16, 2016

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The hints for this sentence don't have "της" in them anywhere. I forgot how to spell it... again. :-/


Yes, the notes should have been: "Το αλάτι της σαλάτας" we're now in the process of reviewing all the hints for just such errors. thanks for the heads up.



Not sure if this is an error you can fix, but when I answered incorrectly with the phrase "Το αλάτι τις σαλάτα".

The correction text is a Romanization of the correct answer: "to alati tis salatas". Not a huge deal, but not a very helpful correction text since the Romanization of "της" is "tis" which looks more like "τις"


I can't understand the rule how to conjugate the noun which is object in sentences. "Σαλατας" in this case. It has really strange and unknown suffixes for genitive, I think you need to create the lessons that would teach us only noun conjugations. Like in English irregular verb are.


Each skill has its Tips & Notes. Use the Duo web version to access them.

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