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  5. "הם לא אומרים את זה."

"הם לא אומרים את זה."

Translation:They are not saying this.

October 16, 2016



Many of us continue to hope that Duolingo will fix the bug that afflicts all “select the missing word” exercises in the Hebrew course. A right-to-left mark (U+200F) or two in each sentence should be all it takes.

In this case,

‎הם לא __ את זה.‎

should be changed to

‏הם לא __ את זה.‏


I don't have these exercises! I can't see when you wrote this, I'm on the Android app, May 2018.


Why do we need the preposition "את" in this sentence? Could "הם לא אומרים זה" be correct as well?


Definite objects require the את. "this", "that"and "it" are definite, they all translate to זה.


i cant hear the difference btw הם v חם. it sounds all the same to me; any suggestions?


Other than making sure you've got decent headphones/speakers and a good listening environment it's pure familiarity with the language.


Are the words for telling and saying the same?


I think "tell" is a lot more parallel to "סיפר" /siper/.


I reported as Hebrew sentence unnatural, but I don't think they would understand my report. (Can't add a screenshot)


If you are on the website, switch to desktop view/mode. It should help. If you are already in desktop mode, switch to mobile, or, if your browser allows it, change your UI to one that makes it appear normal. For instance, my browser has settings to change the UI to Android, Apple, Windows, Firefox, etc. Some sites look better in certain browsers. I've only had the issue you're describing in the browser however, never in the app. 22 February 2019.


Why not they´re not telling this?


I asked myself the same question. Can someone answer?


Same here. I typed "They do not tell this" and got it marked wrong, even though the same unit used "tell" for אומר in an earlier question.


Because it's not correct in English. You would say: they don't say this. Hebrew aside, in English, if you wanted to use "tell" you would need a pronoun (or a name / proper noun /person... See more below) after "tell" before the rest of the sentence. Examples: They aren't telling us. They didn't tell him. I can't tell my landlord ...

http://www.learnersdictionary.com/qa/what-is-the-difference-between-tell-and-say :

"Tell is used only to instruct or inform, and when the receiver of the information is included as an object of the verb. Do not use for quotes."

22 February 2019


There was no options to choose the right word. Please fix it


If "they do not say that" is the correct answer then why is the standard contraction of that not accepted as correct, "they don't say that"

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