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"Το μάθημα δεν είναι στο πρόγραμμα."

Translation:The lesson is not in the program.

October 16, 2016



I think you'd prefer 'class' for this.


Yes, but it is class is translated as τάξη in Greek.

Example πάω στην Α' τάξη.

This for Elementary and High school. In the University it used the word έτος.

So μάθημα is lesson and class, τάξη is class, έτος for the University Also classroom is αίθουσα διδασκαλίας, but many times τάξη, example: πού είναι ο δάσκαλος; -Είναι στην τάξη του.


I was marked wrong for not putting a period at the end of the sentence


You're sure there wasn't something else? Otherwise use the other button to report an error. We can't help on that one.


I was marked wrong for answering "The class is not in the program" but class is given as one of the examples if you click μάθημα?


μάθημα = subject? It fits the context in English and is, I believe, given as an alternative for μάθημα elsewhere in duolingo.


I was red-screened for "the lesson isn't in the curriculum," even though it's my understanding that "curriculum" can be expressed in Greek by πρόγραμμα (σπουδών).


It marked 'course' as wrong for μάθημα stating it should be class, however the question directly before this one stated that it was class. Can this be added?


"Class" was not included in the translations and I've added it now. "Course", however, was already an accepted translation. I don't understand the question, could you rephrase it?


Το program μεταφράζεται καλύτερα σαν schedule


It had already been included in the set of possible translations, thanks!


Does 'programme' in US refer to the 'curriculum' or to the 'timetable' in UK english?


Curriculum is more usually refered to as "πρόγραμμα σπουδών" (literally, "program of studies"). It's one of the accepted answers as well, but " πρόγραμμα" usually means "program"/"schedule" on its own.


"The lecture is not in the program" was not accepted. Can someone explain to me the nuances, differences of the word lesson, and lecture? Thank you

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No, the "lecture" is what the professor says while teaching the lesson.

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