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Automatic keyboard switching for Greek (and other languages)


I was tired of manually switching my keyboard on duolingo so I created a browser extension to do automatically. It also provides an optional cheat sheet to assist you in learning the layout of the keyboard. It works for all languages including Greek.

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duokeyboard/dekooljcgfaiokofbciaflklkfniimfa

Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/duokeyboard/

Opera: https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/duokeyboard/

Hopefully some of you find it useful

October 16, 2016



It is useful! Thanks a lot - works great in Chrome.


Είναι τέλειο!


Thanks! Very helpful really. Can DL embed it? It could solve many problems of development. But it is a copyright of course. Or not?


This is a guess: I think that the concept of changing the keyboard input per language course can be embedded by duolingo. But the main reason that duolingo has not implemented or developed something similar is that various browsers respond differently to the same code. Processing input is one of those things that is still treated different among browsers. Especially since mobile browsers and desktop browsers deal with different input methods. And probably duolingo wants to provide a similar experience to users with different browsers.


Yes, you are right about. But with these keyboards DL could open a new chapter in development, with languages like Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc etc which are so widely spoken.


Why do you need permission to:

  • read my data

  • see my browserhistory?

Why doesn't you tell it in the description?


It needs to read the data on duolingo in order to determine where the keyboard has to be changed.

It needs your browser history to determine if you opened the options page.

The reason that there is no privacy statement is because no personal or other data is send to a server via this plugin.


I haven't looked at the plugin myself but if the keyboard is going to automatically switch I imagine it would have to know whether you're on a Greek English question or an English Greek question. This would involve access to browser history


This is awesome!


Great, Thank You a Lot


This is awesome, thank you! Any chance to port it on Safari?


Great idea! However, the norwegian-russian-phonetic keyboard, that I planned to use, was not included.

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This extension is great, however it is not functioning in Chrome anymore. I started to use Opera since the extension works without problem. It seems the developer, Nullbrains does not support the extension anymore, because he/she does not answer the support queries since the problem started in Chrome.

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