"How many cats does he have?"

Translation:Πόσες γάτες έχει;

October 16, 2016

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why is "πόσες γάτες αύτος έχει;" wrong? I think, so one know is it she or he.


Πόσες γάτες έχει αυτός; would be correct.


We could be talking about male cats (γάτος, γάτοι, often used in the course), so shouldn't "Πόσοι γάτοι έχει αυτός;" also be accepted?


No, it should not, because the subject is "he" -- what you are asking for ("how many cats?") is the direct object of "have", and so you need to put it into the accusative case.

Πόσους γάτους έχει αυτός; (with masculine accusative plural) is accepted.


So for example the sentence "How many male cats drink water" would be "Πόσοι γάτοι πίνουν νερό;" if i got it right?


that sounds rlly bad to a greek lol


I used "Πόσους " instead of "Πόσες" and DL graded it as correct.


You used "πόσους γάτους" or "πόσους γάτες"?


I believe I used "πόσους γάτες".


In the incubator, this does not seem an acceptable answer. Πόσους γάτους is, but πόσους γάτες isn't. :)


Help, please: basic stuff - the little charts that drop down below the question: I don't know what order they are in as they are not labelled but only boxed. Can you please tell me. Is it nominative followed by accusative then genitive - or what?


They are basic vocabulary hints. The first one is usually the one required in that sentence.


Help, this does not make sense to me. I wrote Ποσεσ τισ γατεσ εχει but it marked me incorrect. Obviously, the correct solution is Πόσες γάτες έχει; but isn't Πόσες feminine plural? I am not where in the sentence we use the term for 'him'.


isn't Πόσες feminine plural?

That's right -- it agrees with γάτες, which is feminine plural.

I am not where in the sentence we use the term for 'him'.

You could say Πόσες γάτες έχει αυτός; with αυτός for "he" -- but since the verb ending indicates the subject, it's often left out in Greek.

Admittedly, έχει could mean not only "he has" but also "she has" or even "it has", but in context, it's usually clear whom you're referring to.


Just commenting here in case a moderator sees it and might be able to help. I didn't know what to select on the "report" button. I was wrong, and when the correct answer was shown, the box where I had typed was empty. I wanted to compare my answer to the correct answer, but I couldn't see what I had typed anymore. This doesn't happen always. I just wondered if it could be fixed. Thank you!


Your answer disappeared?! I've never seen that!

This doesn't happen always.

But has happened more than this one time? Then it'd be worth taking a screenshot and either posting it in the troubleshooting forum or filing a bug report, if I understand correctly what happened.

In terms of reporting the exercise, my suggestion would be to either report that your answer should be accepted if you had no reason to believe it was wrong, even without the comparison, or select 'something else went wrong' because it'll still prompt the course contributors to check for errors in this exercise in the incubator.


Thank you! Yes, my answer disappeared. The box just said "type in Greek" again. I'm sure I must have been wrong, since I am not very good at Greek yet. If it happens again, I will try a screen shot.


Update: this is a bug that Duolingo is aware of and is fixing as we speak. :) Edit: It should be fixed now.
If you see it again, please file a bug report: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug- .


Thank you very much!

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