Request for case/aspect to be labeled

I, and I'm sure many others, would find it very convenient if the translation drop-down that appears when you hover your mouse over a word showed the case/aspect the word was in.

This would eliminate some ambiguity in usage of a word in certain contexts. I would make labeling aspect higher in priority than case, though, as it can usually be inferred from the context (whereas aspects can be swapped and still make the sentence correct sometimes).

In addition, sometimes when a new word is introduced, it is introduced in an oblique case and it would be nice if the drop-down translations also included the word in the nominative case, so users could see what the original word is.

In short: 1. Make drop-down translations have case or aspect of word 2. Make drop-down translation have word in nominative case if it is not nominative in the translation

Obviously, this is quite an undertaking for such a small change, but they would benefit the course a lot and besides, there will always be room for updates and improvements to courses. Also, unlike my previous request for accent marks, this request is supported by the Duolingo format.

2 years ago


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