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  5. "Der Rest ist in der Küche."

"Der Rest ist in der Küche."

Translation:The remainder is in the kitchen.

February 14, 2014



In English we don't say leftover, we say leftovers (plural).


Yeah, leftovers shouldn't give an error...


You are right !


Genau! Der Ausdruck "leftovers" ist richtig.


Yes, it is still "wrong" today - 19/01/17


wurde immer noch falsch markiert am 22.12.17


If the German sentence used "Die Reste", then "leftovers" would be a correct option. As it is, we're not talking about "leftovers"--food remaining after a meal; excess food eaten later--but rather some additional, uncountable thing (perhaps food, perhaps drink). Note the use of the singular conjugation, ist. Not "leftovers are" but "remainder is".


We also say "the rest" in english.


There is so many French words in German ! as a native French speaker I love it ! :)


which word here is French?


Without looking I would guess rest and küche (phonetically)


I think just "rest" as "kitchen" in French is "cuisine"


I put ''The remainder is in the cuisine'' shoudn't be accepted ? :? Cuisine - Kitchen


"cuisine" in English is not the same as "kitchen". "Cuisine" means a style of cooking rather than the place where you do the cooking.


Hey, thank you for the explanation. Got it very well. :3 I was thinking exactly that but I wasn't sure enough to make up my mind. Dankeschön!


"Leftovers" still being marked wrong in 2019... does anyone look at these?


I think "leftovers" is better translated as Essensreste oder Speisereste. See dict.cc. Possibly "Reste".

The German sentence we are asked to translate uses "Rest" (singular), which simply means "remainder, remnant, rest", which could refer (as AllenJudge3 remarks) to people, food, decorations, etc.

When I read the sentence, I do not think of "leftovers", which is the food from a previous meal, but rather additional food (chairs, people, service items, etc) that have not been brought out to the current location. E.g.,

Gast: Es gibt sehr viele Leute hier an deinen Party, aber nicht viele Essen. Du habst keine genuge Essen.
Gastgeber: Ich habe ausreichend. Der Rest is in der Küche.


«The remainder is in the kitchen» - is that really correct? Wouldn't we say «leftovers»? I thought «reminder» means something to remember something.... (like an alarm)


Reminder isn't the same thing as remainder! The first means a way of remembering, the second means leftovers. But i agree that English would naturally say leftovers here.


Previously Duo had "Der rest ist einfach Gluck", with rest here meaning what remains. or "the remainder". I suppose it also means "the Leftovers" as I read through this, But what came to my mind is The rest (of the people, or visitors) are in the Kitchen. "The Rest are in the Kitchen" is what I had but it is marked wrong. Would a native German speaker every say The Rest are in the Kitchen by saying "Der Rest ist in der Kuche?


The rest is in the kitchen should be the main answer. Remainder is technically correct but sounds strange to native American English as opposed to "rest."

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