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  5. "Eu não minto."

"Eu não minto."

Translation:I do not lie.

February 14, 2014



That's a lie right there...


I feel like they should acknowledge irregular conjugations in some way. As they introduce new words I am trying to learn them in the infinitive as once you understand conjugations its more useful than memorizing words....mentir has an irregular conjugation in the eu form so it threw me off....


I guess you learn a bit by trial and error here...

Just so you know, the verb "sentir" (to feel) has the same conjugation as the verb "mentir" - "eu minto - eu sinto".


How do you tell the differnce from cinto and sinto in pronounciation


There is no difference in pronounciation, you get it by context and grammar ("cinto" is a noun, meaning belt, while "sinto" is a verb - conjugated in the 1st person).


Yeah I've always wanted a conjugation table of each new verb we learn. I feel like this is too much to ask, but it would be an amazing help. For regulars, display the regular endings, and for irregular display those! but alas, I must stick to looking them up after I'm done :(


I like that page, but I cannot see how to reach it (using the android app).


I do not lie. I merely "adjust" and omit.


This phrase is how you spot liars

[deactivated user]

    The audio at normal speed is bizarre, I hear Eu não munto.


    "lie" and "fib" are synonyms, therefore both are correct in English

    [deactivated user]

      True, but I haven't heard it used for a while ...


      "I am not lying" should be accepted, right?


      Eu não estou mentindo = I am not lying.

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