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  5. "Which game will you play?"

"Which game will you play?"

Translation:Ποιο παιχνίδι θα παίξεις;

October 17, 2016



2nd plural παίξετε should also be ok?


Unfortunately, I cannot find this sentence anymore. Do you remember in which skill this sentence was available? Thanks!


Hi, it's in the simple future lesson, I bet. There are a few places, not just this sentence, where you is the translation of a 2sg, but then if you go back to Greek, there should be multiple options.


Found it and amended it. Thanks for your feedback! All the course is in review process so the more we find the more we correct. Hopefully it will be in a good shape in few weeks so it can graduate beta.


Yep, well, I'm going through, and mostly finding issues with English that is not quite idiomatic, with the Greek fine. (sometimes the Greek phrases seem a little odd without context, though). It strikes me that this course has more (or more technical) vocabulary than the other languages I've done on duolingo, but that's good to have for when I next find myself in Greece again, reading the political pages:-)


It's not ποιο but πιο.


ποιο and πιο are both correct Greek words and they mean different things.

ποιο means "which" and is correct in this sentence.

πιο means "more", as in πιο ενδιαφέρον "more interesting".


Thinking "Which game are you planning to take up [say, professionally] of the two you're good at?" I answered ποιο παιχνίδι θα παίχνεις; Not plausible, under this interpretation?


The mistake is παίχνεις, which is a non-existent form of παίζω. It can either be παίζεις (which shows repetition) or παίξεις (which shows an one-time action).


Thanks! Of course. (It sounded good at the time....)

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