"We are going to be with you."

Translation:Εμείς πρόκειται να είμαστε μαζί σου.

October 17, 2016

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Is σας also ok?


Yes, μαζί σας is also correct.


Thanks is added. :)

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"είμαστε πρόκειται να μαζί σου"? Or is that ordering grammatically incorrect?


That's grammatically incorrect -- your να is not followed by a verb, and είμαστε followed by another finate verb doesn't work either.

It's like trying to turn "I used to take the train when I was small" to "I take used to the train when I was small".

You have to have the order "used + to + take" or "πρόκειται + να + είμαστε" for it to make sense.

Perhaps you're trying to think of the να as "belonging" to the πρόκειται? It's perhaps best to think of it as belonging to the entire construction.

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That's great, thanks for explaining mizinamo. I haven't come across πρόκειται να for a while and my mind just wanted to put it in a more 'English' ordering, and just wondered whether it was possible or not, given the flexibility of Greek syntax.


Πρόκειται να είμαστε μαζι σου. ?Why in this case does Εμείς need to be included?


"Εμείς" doesn't need to be included it's perfectly fine without it. So, if you wrote this sentence without "Εμείς" it would be correct and accepted.

However, you may have had a mistake with something else.

You should first check the correct answer shown to you then if you are sure your sentence was correct you should have made a report.

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Go to the bottom of the exercise page where you'll see "REPORT"

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