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Japanese Lesson 52: Family Part 1


Mother: Haha: はは: 母 (one's own)
    Okaasan: おかあさん: お母さん (referring to another person's) Note: I find that "okaasan" is more common, even when referring to one's own mother. However, the Duolingo course will prefer you use "haha"

Father: Chichi: ちち: 父 (one's own)
    Otousan: おとうさん: お父さん (referring to another person's) Note: Again, I found "otousan" to be more common, even when referring to one's own father. But the Duolingo course will prefer you use "chichi"

Son: Musuko: むすこ: 息子

Daughter: Musume: むすめ: 娘

Brother (older): Ani: あに: 兄 (one's own) Brother (older): Oniisan: お兄さん (referring to another person's) Brother (younger): Otouto: おとうと: 弟
Brothers: Kyoudai: きょうだい: 兄弟

Sister (older): Ane: あね: 姉 (one's own)
Sister (older): Oneesan: おねえさん: お姉さん (referring to another person's) Sister (younger): Imouto: いもうと: 妹
Sisters: Shimai: しまい: 姉妹

NOTE: "san" "kun" "chan" and "o___" are generally reserved for talking about someone else's family members, NOT your own!


I want sons and daughters.
Watashi wa musuko to musume ga hoshii desu.
わたし は むすこ と むすめ が ほしい です。

He is between my brother and sister.
Kare wa watashi no (ani/otouto) to (ane/imouto) no aida ni imasu.
かれ は わたし の (あに/おとうと) と (あね/いもうと) の あいだ に います。 彼は私の(兄/弟)と(姉/妹)の間にいます。

My father loves my mother.
Watashi no chichi wa watashi no haha wo ai shiteimasu.
わたし の ちち は わたし の はは を あい しています。

He is my son.
Kare wa watashi no musuko desu.
かれ は わたし の むすこ です。

We are not brothers.
Watashi tachi wa kyoudai dewa arimasen.
わたしたち は きょうだい では ありません。

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October 17, 2016



Konnichiwa, Demon-Kiyomi! ^-^

I was wondering, are you Japanese too? Because I am!!!

Here's a lingot for your awesome work! ^-^


That, I am not. However I've been working on my Japanese for around about 10 years now. Thank you so much.


Oh, I see. ^-^

Wow, ten years?

Good luck!!!


Yup. I started teaching myself in middle school. :)


Thank you so much for this! :D I am slowly learning Japanese myself. Would love to become as fluent as possible.


No problem! Just keep at it and you'll get there! ^_^ Good luck!


Sister (older): Anechan:→Ane だと思います。 自分の親兄弟のことを他人に話す時は父、母、姉、兄、弟、妹を基本的には使います。※ただし会話の相手が友達や幼い子供、または自分自身が幼い子供の場合は お母さん、お姉ちゃん etc.と言う場合もあります。 例:「あれは(私の)兄-あにです。」「あれは(私の)お兄-にいちゃんだよ。」

他人の家族のことを(聞く/話す時)は 「○○(さん/君-くん/ちゃん)の___さん」

例 A「彼女はあなたの お姉-ねえ さんですか?」 B「はい、(私の)姉-あね です。/ いいえ、あれは花子さんのお姉さんです。」


Thank you! I've made corrections. Hopefully my understanding was correct!

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