"I did not hear the programme."

Translation:Chlywais i mo'r rhaglen.

October 17, 2016



Beth sy "mo'r"... What does" mo'r" represent?

October 17, 2016


This is explained in the 'Hints and Tips' for this section.

...ddim.. cannot be followed directly by y/yr, pronouns or proper nouns, etc and so o is used to make the link:

  • Welais i ddim o'r ffilm.

However, in the colloquial register of the language this is abbreviated to simply mo:

  • Gwelais i mo'r ffilm.

To add to this a little... The same applies to pronouns, possessive pronouns and to proper nouns and names:

  • Welais i mohono fe (...ddim ohono fe... -> ...mohono fe) - I did not see him
  • Welais i mo'i ffilm e. (...ddim o ei...-> ...mo'i...) - I did not see his film.
  • Chiciodd hi mo Dewi. - She didn't kick Dewi.
  • Ddarlenodd hi mo 'Lingo Newydd' neithiwr. - She didn't read 'Lingo Newydd' yesterday evening.

(Lingo Newydd is a monthly magazine for Welsh learners.)

October 17, 2016
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