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"Eu não quero nem aqueles sapatos nem aquelas calças."

Translation:I do not want those shoes nor those pants.

February 9, 2013



English is incorrect on this. neither/nor, either/or.


Grammar evolves. According to Swan's "Practical English Usage" (OxfordUP), the following sentences are correct:

I don't want those shoes nor those pants. (more emphatic)
I don't want those shoes or those pants.


Grammar does evolve but Swan's Practical English Usage does NOT allow I don't want those shoes nor those pants.

For emphasis, you need to add a pause: I don't want those shoes, (pause), nor those pants.

I don't want those shoes nor those pants

.... with no comma, is wrong English and nobody says it.


Interesting! Indeed it has evolved then. Thanks!


What about the examples :

"He doesn't want to go, and nor do I." and "I never saw him again, nor did I regret it." ?

I'm not sure how to explain the subject-verb inversion, but neither sentence has "neither" in it. (In fact, they don't have "either" either, so why the contrast?) At any rate, their sentence is not wrong, you probably just haven't heard it that often.


This is an example of a "fronted negative inversion" introduced by a negative adverb used for emphasis or contrast. It's grammar that you'll never see in DL.

I never saw him again, nor did I regret it. => I never saw him again, and I didn't regret it.


Either / nor is not correct, neither / nor would be the good solution.


I wrote "don't" and it corrected me to "do not" even though it's the same thing, and I agree with cristreager the english is bad.


What's the difference between this sentence and "Eu não quero aqueles sapatos e aquelas calças"


The same difference between "I want neither those shoes nor those pants" (original sentence) and "I don't want those shoes and those pants" (your sentence).


Good question,good answer.Thanks


I wrote:" I do not want neither those shoes nor those pants". It is wrong. Why? Tks


'I want neither' would be correct.. Not 'I do not want neither'.


English doesn't use the double negation that Portuguese uses.


Using 'neither' then 'nor' seems correct to me. Why is this a problem?


It should only be a problem if you combine it with "don't". "I want neither ... nor ..." should be acceptable.


Is there no way to "report" when the suggested English response is incorrect? The only option given is for the Portuguese sentence being incorrect.


For those who have any question about this type of sentence, here is a good link of a famous site in Brazil about this: https://www.solinguainglesa.com.br/conteudo/Conjunctions7.php


Agree, neither... nor; either... or, you could just about say, I don't want those shoes or those pants, but that's pretty colloquial.


"I don't want those shoes or those pants" represents standard English grammar. The negative verb impacts both choices.

Alternative versions - formal English:

• I want neither those shoes nor those pants.
• I don't want those shoes, nor do I want those pants.


Thanks, I didn't know that i can't use two negative forms on the same sentence like in Portuguese.


We sometimes use two negatives to express something that is sensitive or delicate.

When Obama wanted the Congress to ratify a nuclear arms agreement, he said: "There is still time to sign the accord. But that time is not unlimited." => The time is limited.


I don't want either...or... Hope this is also good.

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