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"Esta cadeira é para o restaurante."

Translation:This chair is for the restaurant.

February 9, 2013



Not really a sentence that fits well in english - something odd about it. I'd think "This chair belongs to the restaurant" or "This chair is from the restaurant", "This chair is to be used by the restaurant" - I don't know - just doesn't seem right in english


Sounds okay to me.


Cadeira is being demonstrated here. Why do you use esta instead of isto?


You can't use "Isto/Isso/Aquilo + noun".


Why is it "para o restaurante" and not "pelo restaurante"? I'm having a hard time understanding when to use para o/a versus pelo/a...


Disclaimer: I'm only a learner, native English speaker.

The translation isn't concise here. Actually it is, but the manners of speech differ between Brazilians and westerners. By "to the restaurant", they mean "belongs to" or "will soon belong to/be given to".

Please pardon my crude attempt to explain this difference in how Brazilians use Portuguese versus how North Americans and Britons use English.

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