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  5. "What is on the television?"

"What is on the television?"

Translation:Cad atá ar an teilifís?

October 17, 2016



When is it cad é and when is it cad atá?


If an answer to the question would use the copula, then Cad é … ? is used; if an answer wouldn’t use the copula, then Cad (é) atá … ? is used.


Why would What is his adress? use the copula then? There is that sentence that goes like Cad é a sheoladh?. What does the copula connect in that sentence?


Because the answer is one of identification, which makes it a copular statement — it connects a sheoladh with e.g. 43 Sráid Essex Thoir. Since the answer is copular, the question doesn’t need atá.


I think (hope) I got it now. Thank you!


Read cad atá as "what is it that is".

cad atá as bhosca? - "what is in the box?" ("what is it that is in the box?")

cad atá ar an teilifís? - "what is on the TV?" ("what is it that is on the TV?")

cad é sin? - "what is that?" - you can't say "what is it that is that?"

cad é do cheist? can't be "what is it that is your question?" it's just "what is your question?".


Thanks, that was helpful


You helped me a lot. Thank you


If you are talking about what is on in terms of programmes, rather than physically on it, on the tv would you have to say 'cad atá ar siúl...'?


No. That would mean "what's happening on the TV" (Quick, turn on the TV, you need to see what's happening right now! - Déan deifir! Cas air an teilifís, is gá duit cad atá ar siúl anois díreach!)

"What's on the telly?" in the sense of "what are you watching?" is just cad atá ar an teilifís?


I can’t figure out the difference between “cén” and “cad.” Any help?

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