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  5. "¿Tú comes manzanas?"

"¿Tú comes manzanas?"

Translation:Do you eat apples?

October 17, 2016

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the "Tu" means you "comes" means eat, "manzanas" mean apples, what part of this sentence has the"do" for "do u eat apples? and what does the upside down question mark for?


Spanish has no concept of using "do" and other words forming questions like we do in english. The only thing changing this from a statement to a question is the use of the questions marks

Tu' comes manzanas - You eat apples

Tu' comes manzanas? - Do you eat apples?

(I dont have the spanish characters on this pc so I didnt precede the question with the upside down question mark)

Same is true in spoken spanish, but the difference there would be that you need to add the inquisitive inflection in your voice at the end of the word manzanas


My understanding is that the "question word" at the start of an English sentence ("do" in this case") is replaced by an upside down question mark in Spanish.


Basically that, yes. The Spanish question literally means "You eat apples?" and in order to make it into a better English question, we add the "Do".


i thought manzanas means blocks so i wrote do you eat blocks LOL


question marks are always on both sides in Spanish. But in the front they are upside down


I don't know, that was going to be my question too but.... I figured out something about the question mark. It means do.....


The upside down question mark is just how they write its a different culture. Just like the upside down exclamation mark!!


Could I just say "¿comes manzanas?"


i put do you eat manzanas (im half asleep)


I wrote "you eat apples", which is technically correct, just not very grammatically correct.


why do they always have another question mark before the question? do we need to do that?


What is the upside down question mark for


read comments/ answers to that question above.


It is hard to remember to put a do there. I hardly ever do it.


How about eat an apple?


but it says do you eat blocks is an option, so why is it incorrect?

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