"A riporterek az iskolánál ülnek és várnak."

Translation:The reporters are sitting by the school and waiting.

October 17, 2016

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The accepted answer: "at the school" does not have the same meaning as "az iskolánál". "Az iskolánál" implies being outside the school, whereas "at the school" could be understood as inside it.


So my translation "by the school" should have been acccepted?


This recording is way to fast to parse - please add a slower version

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@simonlcparry : Sounds good to me now (speed-wise) - September 1st, 2019.


Why couldn't it be "the reporters at the school sit and wait"? It has a slightly different nuance but I can't see why this is marked wrong. Can one of you brilliant grammarians explain it in a way I can understand?

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@mbgreen11 : Native Hungarian here, but not a brilliant grammarian - hence all I can say is that it could be "The reporters at the school sit and wait."


but those at the pub don't!


Why not "by" the school?


Ok two things: one, The should not be necessary, reporters should be right, and two, sit and wait at the school should be ok, so what was wrong with Reporters sit and wait at the school? Thanks. Is it the at rather than the by?


Ok I added the The and changed By to At. It was ok. But I should have just changed one to see which it didn't like!


I think the interpretation should be, The reporters by the school are sitting and waiting

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