"Az autó van ott, vagy a lány?"

Translation:Is the car there or the girl?

October 17, 2016

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either way, it is a very poor sentence (at least in English) to use as an example


Why is "is there a car or a girl?" not right? Am I not catching up something here?


First, it needs to be "the car" and "the girl" (definite article, not indefinite).

Second, the word "there" in this sentence is describing location. If you say "Is there a car?" you're basically asking, "Does a car exist?" You need to phrase it as, "Is the car there?" in order to make it clear that you're asking about a certain location.


Why is "Is that the car over there, or the girl?" wrong?

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Different meaning. (Az ott az autó, vagy a lány?)

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