"Ela nunca me derrota."

Translation:She never defeats me.

February 9, 2013

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You can also say "She never beats me"


Beat can mean "hit", and the best portuguese verb for that is "bater". Ela nunca me bate.

While derrotar is "to win" or "to defeat".


FYI, in context (like games or some other challenge), "beat" means the same as "defeat". I'm not sure it should be an default answer, because out of context (especially since the sentences here have no context outside the sentence itself) it can mean "hits", so might confuse a lot of people. However, it could probably be accepted as an answer to "Ela nunca me derrota." with the alternate "she never defeats me." given (by duo after counted correct) to clarify the context.

https://www.google.com/search?q=beat+definition #2: defeat (someone) in a game, competition, election, or commercial venture.


I see how "beat" can be ambiguous, and it can take both meanings in English. However, even in the context of "defeat," "She never beats me" is much more common. "Defeat" is a bit formal.


Batter (pronounced ba'er) also means hit in English, same latin roots.

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    Aren't you referring to the glottal "t" - more common in Britain than in the US? We tend to pronounce "t" as a "flap t" so it sounds like a "d."


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    Batter is not pronounced ba'er in all places that speak English. I am from Canada, and I pronounce the t's in the middle, just as it looks... baTTer. :)


    Well, not exactly how it looks. I think most native English speakers I know pronounce it closer to "badder" than "batter" (where the t's are enunciated), and someone actually saying the t sound will probably get looked at funny unless they are saying it for a certain reason other than normal conversation.

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    I pronounce the t's and don't get looked at funny. (At least not for that. :) ) All I am saying is that it is pronounced differently in different places.


    She never beats me


    In my opiniin thats correct but duo don't accept it. :(


    It's accepted now 7/18/18

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