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  5. "No, we do not drink water."

"No, we do not drink water."

Translation:Nac ydyn, dyn ni ddim yn yfed dŵr.

October 17, 2016



I wrote "Nac ydyn, dydyn ni ddim yn yfed dwr", but Dou said it's wrong, because of "dydyn ni ddim". Could anybody explain that?


dydyn ni ddim.. is a bit more formal but ok. Now added.


thanks for the explanation!


Dan ni ddim was not accepted.


I am sorry, but I still can't understand, why there is an "yn" in this sentence. I just can't figure out the rule there and mostly I am guessing wrong :/


This is explained in the course notes and in a discussion on yn and wedi.

In short, the yn is needed to make the link between the verb (dy)dyn in dyn ni ddim (we are not...) and the verb-noun yfed (drinking, to drink). The notes have more examples. We recommend that you read the notes for each section before starting it - they have been written to try and introduce teh patterns being used and to answer the common questions that learners have when meeting the topic for the first time.

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