"I am giving you one month."

Translation:Я даю вам один місяць.

October 17, 2016

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BarryLord1 : I am giving you one month ... (to get a job) ... or ... (to have your painting finished) ... or ... (to have your test paper handed in) ... You are allowing the other person one month to have something in particular accomplished.


I am aware of the English idiom/metaphor. Are you saying that the same idiom or metaphor is used in Ukrainian?


the same idiom or metaphor is used in Ukrainian

Yep, and it's a very common way in Ukrainian to express the meaning described by Donna127096


Is it incorrect to say "Я вам даю один місяць." ?


Technically no, but I don't know if it will be an accepted answer


It is grammatically correct. You'll be stressing "вам" a little bit by this word order.


Some context to this sentence would help. Otherwise, what does it mean? How can you give someone a period of time??


If it's the same in russian it's possible too: "вам я даю один місяць"


Word order is very flexible in Russian and Ukrainian, but I can't think of a case in Russian where you would put вам before я. Just seems strange to me. Maybe there is a case though.


I can think of a situation when it would make sense for Вам to go first: when you want to highlight a special treatment, an exception or contrast. For you, I'll give you one month (while the others can expect one week).

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