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"Η καλλιέργεια του καρπουζιού."

Translation:The cultivation of the watermelon.

October 17, 2016



Why is "the watermelon crop" or "the watermelon harvest" not accepted?


Crop and harvest refer to the produce not the cultivation.


But Η καλλιέργεια είναι νόμιμη was translated as "the crop is legal".

My dictionary also gives both "cultivation, farming" (= activity) and "crop" for καλλιέργεια.

Can the Greek word not mean both things?


I'm really sorry either I didn't see your comment or I just neglected to act on it but you are of course correct. "καλλιέργεια" can mean "crop". It's been added.


But it is still not accepting 'the crop', Are you a Greek teacher of Dulingo? I am curious.


Yes, you can use: "The watermelon crop".

"Η καλλιέργεια" means "the growing of the watermelon or other food. It is the agricultural activity of planting, nurturing, and harvesting a plant." It does not define the plant.

So, if you wrote: "the watermelon crop" it would be accepted because it would refer to that activity.

But the closest correct English is :

"cultivation as seen in the sentence above.

"Η καλλιέργεια του καρπουζιού." Translation:The cultivation of the watermelon.


Ah, yes, the cultivation of the watermelon. So it goes, Greek, as usual, being the vehicle of the secrets of philosophical interior peace.


My answer, "The watermelon crop", rejected by DL.


Yes, thank you it has been added.


The new male voice can not say καρπουζιού


"the crop of watermelon" isn't accepted but it gives "The cultivation of watermelon" as the suggested answer.


Crop is still being marked as wrong


I've checked every means I know to detect what the error could be that prevents this from being accepted and haven't been able to resolve it. Please send us a screenshot showing the exercise, what you wrote, and the response from Duolingo.


¿How can we do so? I have a screenshot.


I have a screenshot.


Screenshots can't be posted to Duolingo directly, so it would be good if you could upload it to a website somewhere -- for example, an image-sharing host such as imgur (no registration required) or Flickr. Google Docs or Dropbox or Instagram or something else could also work, as long as the image is shared with everyone and has a URL (web address) that anyone can see the image under.

Then take the URL of the image and post it in a comment here.

Thank you very much!


Watermelon cultivation


Surely cultivation refers to the process of growing a crop, and harvesting refers to the bringing in of the crop after cultivation when it is ripe. I don't speak Greek but does the εργεια of καλλιέργεια not refer in some way to the working of the land, preparing the ground, planting seeds, hoeing, watering etc all needing work.


"καλλιέργεια" in the right context can be used both for "cultivation" and "crop".

E.g. γενετικά τροποποιημένες καλλιέργειες genetically modified crops.

συντήρηση των καλλιεργειών crop maintenance

Here's my go-to set of dictionaries. https://www.lexilogos.com/english/greek_dictionary.htm


The crop of watermelon is marked wrong.


"crop" refers to the "produce"... "the watermelon that is harvested".

Here we are referring to the cultivation...the growing of the watermelon


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