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"Where are you going, to the bridge?"

Translation:Hova mentek, a hídhoz?

October 17, 2016



Why "hídhoz"? Doesn't that contradict vowel harmony?


No, i and í are really neutral vowels with respect to vowel harmony. They may appear in front-vowel or back-vowel words. And words that have only i or í in them may take front or back vowel endings, depending on the words; there's no way to tell without looking it up and memorizing it. Híd happens to be one of the ones that takes back vowels.


<sigh> Thank you so much for your informative, helpful, and thoroughly infuriating response.


Take heart; there aren't very many words with only i vowels in them.

If they appear in words with other vowels, then those other ones will tell you which way the vowel harmony goes.


Thanks - that does help me feel better.

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