"O relógio é meu."

Translation:The watch is mine.

February 9, 2013

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is clock and watch both relógio? Is there another word for watch specifically.

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Both clock and watch are translated as "relógio". If you want to be specific you can say "relógio de pulso" (wristwatch) or "relógio de parede" (wall clock).


the last word is horrible. I guessed it, but sounds more like "veu" or something.


Is "watch" (i.e. hand clocks) used as singular in English? The sentence cuts the ear, cuz I used to hear "hand watches".


"meu" sounds like a cross between "teu" and "peu" to me. I listened to it a couple times because I got it wrong once before.


There is no word "peu" in Portuguese


Which I would have known if I knew Portuguese, but I don't and that is why I'm here. I know exactly 356 words, and there is no "peu" among them. Now, thanks to you, I know I will never get to learn the word "peu". It doesn't change the fact that I thought I heard "teu" in this sentence and I got the answer wrong. I was just saying that in this example it is very hard for me to hear the exact word. It might be just my problem, but there might be more people who hear it the same way. There is a difference between learning and guessing and in this case I was guessing the answer after repeatedly reloading the audio. I also guessed there is no "peu", I wrote "teu" and I certainly didn't hear "meu". Thank you for the -1, I gave you a +1 because you were very helpful.


I had the same experience.


Anybody with some insight as to when you should use "meu" instead of "minha" and vice versa? I tend to get them mixed and would like a firm way to distinguisg their usage.


Meu is masculine (most words that end in o are masculine) and minha is feminine (most words that end in a are feminine). You will have to do some memorizing. Not all nouns end in o or a, and some of them break the rules.


"It is my watch” ??

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