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  5. "The diet has results."

"The diet has results."

Translation:Η δίαιτα έχει αποτέλεσμα.

October 17, 2016



Results is plural, therefore αποτελέσματα


Either would be fine, I think - English usage here is different.

If there is exactly one result and I am counting it, then "The diet has a result" sounds OK, but if I just see that something happened, I'd be more likely to say "The diet has results" even if I am not counting specific individual results.

In Greek, would it not be appropriate to use αποτέλεσμα (singular, but without article) in this case of "something happened"?


I agree. While αποτέλεσμα is correct, so is αποτελέσματα.


I agree, I find it hard to imagine someone saying " The diet has a result" simply because a diet has a lot of results, losing weight, feeling better, better blood pressure etc. I am not quite sure why αποτελεσμάτα is not accepted, maybe because it is not used in Greek.


It is used, actually. It's added now! There was even another possible translation "η διατροφή έχει αποτελέσματα" but not with "δίαιτα".


Thanks Troll, you are a real gift.:-))


There's another sentence, probably η θεραπεία(?) έχει αποτέλεσμα, where the Englush plural 'results' wasn't accepted. I think I reported it.

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