"Jók a fényképek!"

Translation:The photos are good!

October 17, 2016



When talking about photographs, "picture" and "photo" are interchangeable. "Picture" is interchangeable with a lot of different words depending on context, including "drawing", "panting", "image", etc.

October 17, 2016


Picture shouldn't be accepted here.

picture, image = kép

photo = fénykép

drawing = rajz

painting = festmény

figure = ábra

October 18, 2016


The problem is that some people use the word picture to describe photo

November 7, 2016


Because photos are pictures, so what's the problem?

November 7, 2016


Only accepting "photo" is needlessly frustrating to a native English speaker because the word is used for "photograph" so often that I don't even notice. If you give me the English sentence "The photos are good!" and I translate that with "kép" clearly that should be wrong, but you don't want learners to be wasting energy trying to translate their native vocabulary into Duo-ese.

April 8, 2017


Totally agreed. (Just got dinged on this myself!)

June 9, 2017


My suggestion: When translating from English into Hungarian, you should not allow English 'photo' to be translated as 'kép'. However, when translating from Hungarian to English, you should allow Hungarian 'fenykép' to be translated as 'picture' as well as 'photo'.

September 2, 2017


No - in English the thing a camera takes is a "picture" (aka "photo", "photograph", "snap", "snapshot")

July 3, 2017


picture should be accepted as most of those (maybe not painting), but for translating into hungarian each english word should take only one hungarian word

August 10, 2017


Learning that fénykép means picture, which does mean a whole lot of things, might actually confuse learners.
A photo or photograph is exactly fénykép.
Learning the precise, the most accurate translation makes sense to me.

Edit: some (or a lot of) people call their cars their ride. I understand it, native speakers understand it, even people from the past understand it, although they would think of a horse. But autó is best translated as car or automobile, isn't it? while there are certainly a lot of synonyms that make to native speakers a lot of sense. But the most important bit should be to get a good proper translation and not all cosy synonyms which might at some places fit, elsewhere not so much.

"The pictures are good" would not imply that we talk about photos! That information would then be lost! That might be the point of "numberman".

August 20, 2018
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