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"The girl received the degree."

Translation:Η κοπέλα πήρε το πτυχίο.

October 18, 2016



It is already accepted.


απέκτησε, παρέλαβε maybe?


Thank you, I've added "απέκτησε" and "παρέλαβε" to the incubator.


np check my other comments too :D


What is the difference between κορίτσι and κοπέλα? Or just synonyms?


Both mean girl. "η κοπέλα would also be used for an older girl. Note that
" η κοπέλα" is feminine but" το κορίτσι" is neuter.


It seems that βαθμός is not accepted, even though it's in the hints and it listed in my dictionary as the most common translation of degree. Also the accent in the hint is different to my dictionary, is it a variant or an error?


The hints are like a dictionar . many definitions may be shown but not all are correct in every situation. Βαθμός means "degree" as in How many degrees is the oven. ". In this case we are talking about school degrees. It" s usually the first hint that fits the sentence for which it is shown.

The accent as shown here is correct. What did your dictionary show? With more information we migh. t be able to understand why it was different.. What dictionary are you using. We use a variety of both on line and regular books. In addition the team that created and maintains the course is made up of qualified native Greek speakers.

Please get back to use with the name of the dictionary.

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