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"Bạn biết chồng của ấy kế toán không?"

Translation:Do you know her husband is an accountant?

October 18, 2016



Is there a reason that "Did you know her husband is an accountant?" was not accepted?


Why is "did you know her husband is THE accountant?" marked as wrong? After all, there is no 'một' here and if you're going to insert an English article, given previous cases, it's nearly always 'the'.


Even though it has a ? The ănswer is a statement. The best way to express this is "Do you know, is her husband an/the accountant? ??


How, then, would you say "Do you know if/whether her husband is an accountant?"


I think it would be "Bạn có biết chồng cô ấy là kế toán hay không?" But I am not a native speaker.


i put did instead of do... and got it wrong am i wrong?


If the Duo course wants to keep this sentence structure, the English should read "Do you know that her husband is an accountant?" But, "that" is not available in the word bank. Reported 18-01-2021.

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