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conjugation exercise suggestion (long but worth it)

I know for myself and many people who took spanish in school it was helpful to conjugate verbs separate from sentences and believe it would be helpful on duolingo.

For instance, take a verb like nadar (to swim) is given and a form with all the conjugation forms listed:

Yo ____


EL/ELLA ____

Nostros ____

Vosotros (optional) ____


Do the same for ER, and IR verbs. Exercise should be both select the proper conjugation from a list and type out the conjugation.

I realize duolingo does this in a more scattered immersion-esque way, but having something like this prominent in the first two conjugation lessons will definitely give many people a better understanding of how to conjugate. Thoughts?

6 years ago



I agree! I work on verb drills whenever I can with my Spanish speaking friend/teacher. I've discovered by knowing the verb conjugations better, it helps in understanding other parts of the sentence, (i.e., if I know who is performing the action and when, it I am more easily able to make sense of the rest).

6 years ago


This is so true and would be good additional functionality, even if the conjugation exercises were optional.

6 years ago