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"Din syster och min bror är lika."

Translation:Your sister and my brother are alike.

October 18, 2016



Does "Din syster och min bror är lika" refer, possibly, to personality and/or behavior, as well as appearance, like it would in English?


I think it refers only to appearance, I think you'd use som, as in "din syster är som min bror" to express general likeness


What is the difference between lik and lika


The -a is added because we're talking about several people, so we have to use the plural form.


But IF we are talking about ett words we add -t right?


If we're talking about a single ett-word thing, yes.


I was marked wrong for writing, "Your sister and my brother are similar." "Alike" and "similar" really are synonyms in English. I can understand that my answer might be wrong, but the provided translation doesn't help me understand how.


is the suffix -a used here because it is plural or because it is definite?


What does it mean in English, have never heard it, lika, is it populär?


You can just click on the word on the very top of the page. The whole sentence is in fat blue letters.

But to answer your question: "alike" would be the most common translation and I guess its quite common in the UK. Atleast I know it and I am from Germany and I think I heard a friend saying it.

[deactivated user]

    Is this strictly about appearance? Because otherwise I don't know how to differentiate between this sentence and " Han är lik sin mor".


    you.. you dont think it could be possible...could it?


    The audio doesn't work for me, even after clicking 10 times.


    If you use Firefox with the noscript plug-in, then you would have to allow the virtual machines that serve the audio (and one other) separately from the main duolingo server. Also there were old threads about audio problems. I have not noticed any problems in a long time, but at one point (if I recall correctly) if you started duolingo when the machine volume was turned off, then you could not get any volume. Maybe search old threads for ´sound´ and ´volume´ for more details. And, the old favorite, if all else fails, reboot. Good luck! The audio is certainly important!


    In another place "är lika" was used with the English "looks alike." Why is that wrong here?


    Nevermind! This time "Your sister and my brother look alike" was accepted. I must have made some other goofball error before.

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