"I will be eating the sandwich."

Translation:Εγώ θα τρώω το σάντουιτς.

October 18, 2016

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Isnt το σάντουιτς supposed to be ο σάντουιτς? Because I thought if the ending of the word is ς, then the word is masculine, not neuter.


Σάντουιτς is neuter, therefore goes with το. It's a loanword, so its ending is irrelevant for the grammatical gender. In fact, words ending in -ς, while mostly masculine (δρόμος=road, επαρκής=sufficient), can also be feminine (οδός=street, επαρκής) or neuter (δάσος=forest, επαρκές).


is it not allowed to miss out the definite or indefinite article? I thought I had seen this happen in the last question.


Missing the definite article would result to indefinite.


Not in Eng. You would need either "a" or "the".


Why θα before eating? does it represent the future?


Yes, it does but there is no reason at this early stage to go into how to construct the future. This Skill is meant to teach basic phrases; in later Skills you'll get more experience in how they are constructed.

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