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  5. "Дайте, будь ласка, тарілку."

"Дайте, будь ласка, тарілку."

Translation:Give me a plate, please.

October 18, 2016


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Would the phrase always imply "me", or could it also imply a him/her/them? I left off the "me" and Duolingo marked it wrong.

July 24, 2017


It implies me

September 19, 2017


Why is please in the middle of the sentence?

January 28, 2018


Just out of curiosity, is it more common to say "please" in the middle of the sentence than at the end, in Ukrainian?

April 8, 2018


This phraseology might be considered rude (or impolite!) in English, unless you know the person well. In common English usage, you might say something like 'Could/can you give/get/pass me a plate, please?' or 'Could/can/may I have a plate, please?' English people tend to be more formal, unless they know someone really well, i.e. with family and close friends.

February 8, 2019
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