"A magyar focisták szörnyűek."

Translation:Hungarian soccer players are terrible.

October 18, 2016

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Play fair, duolingo. The number of people that call it soccer are gradually decreasing, and I say that as an Aussie who grew up playing it. You really need to accept "football players" here too.


I agree and I am American but have lived in a number of countries around the world. "Football" should be accepted.


Not sure about that. Soccer makes it very clear what kind of sport is meant, whereas football is ambiguous (as these discussions/comments cleary prove!). I guess in Hungarian it is very clear that Foci is soccer? Now in french, "football" is very clearly soccer, not American football. So there's that... Gah, such a complex topic, almost as thorny as preverbs! (And I know I'm replying to a 3 years old comment, but hey, this place is still alive and... kicking!)


not at all. it's football all over the europe (or sometimes calcio or labdarúgás or kopaná...). 'soccer' is this weird american term for football they use to distinguish it from american football (that nobody else play) 'football' should be accepted, as the word 'foci' is itself derived from it


Actually "soccer" is a very old term, originally used in England after the invention of the game of rugby. It was used to differentiate it from "Rugby football" which was invented at Rugby school, and as it was run by the Football Association, it became known as "Association football" which then became contracted to "Soccer"


sure. all that is true. what i was replying was this bit: """football is ambiguous""" it's not. at least not anymore anywhere else except u.s. there is also gaelic football, canadian football, ausstralian (rules) football etc. and yes, rugby football. point is, nowadays it's sufficient to say rugby and it's not ambiguous. the same holds for football -- except for the u.s., where the "common" variety of football is gridiron/american football. so they need to be more specific and use the good old "soccer". and i eat my hat if they know what it means ;-) and since this is hungarian course, foci == football (hm soccer and szoci doesn't work. like at all)


Absolutely agree with all of that. I was only replying to the "weird american term" in your post :)


He died. Now it is true. Unfortunately. :( Two years ago and now too.


Finally a sentence without flying kindergarten teachers, that you can use 1:1 as a tourist.


As a football fan, it hurt to write it down. Hajrá, Fradi!


Ouch!!! hajrá Magyarok!!!


Soccer? Even as a rugby player I know it's football. Huge mistake!


Careful Duo - not sure if this is the type of sentence you want people repeating if they want to continue living! ;)


Would somebody kill somebody for saying that? Kind of pathetic no?


Newcastle United are doing pretty well at the moment !


Hungarian footballers, on the other hand, are excellent!


This one was without any sound, fortunately


Holding The German and French nat'l teams to a draw is clearly not terrible.

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