"I am not playing, but I am working."

Translation:Nem játszom, hanem dolgozom.

October 18, 2016

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why is "Nem jatszok, hanem dolgozok" not accepted? I thought -ok was the verb ending for first person singular.


These are "-ik" type verbs, where the third person singular suffix is "-ik" ("játszik", "dolgozik"). The first person singular suffix for these verbs is usually "-m". So, that is the "correct" conjugation, the "-k" version is not to be used.


Nativ speaker: You are right. In colloquial Hu langue many people use it as you remarked, so both version is normal (in this case) - althouh the DL version is the "official" one. Please, note that Hu language has a subject AND an object verb conjugation. E. g.: Én írok egy levelet (I write a letter), Én írom a levelet (I write the letter). So, in the last case the emphasis is on the object. In the DL example sentence the two verbs are seldom used together with an object, so it is not strange when you use any of the two conjugation forms.


Native speaker: Apu56 it would be great if you speak with someone=]


Ikes ragozásnál -m lenne nem -k de akkor miért jó a "dolgozok"?

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