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Greek is fun!

I'm having a lot of fun learning Greek. Learning both a new alphabet and a new language is challenging but very intellectually stimulating. (It reminds me of my days in kindergarten and first grade learning to read by sounding out the letters.) Many thanks to the Greek language team for its hard work developing this course. Slowly but surely, εγώ μιλάω ελληνικά !

October 18, 2016


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Many thanks from all of us for your kind words. If we can help in any way we are here.


Did something happen to the Greek fonts? I have been doing the lessons in modern Greek for about three weeks now and when I went in today to do my lessons the font had changed. The spacing between the characters is weird and it is hard to tell now where one word stops and another begins. It makes the lessons much more challenging. If I type Greek here, it looks fine (όλα είναι καλά), but the lettering of the lessons and the lettering when I type my answers to the lessons seems really strange.


I try to have fun as well. But it is a heavy challenge to me. First of all the writing of strange letters, second learning greek from english. Thus I have to do some brain acrobatics in doing all those steps at once: german-english-greek-greek letters and looking for the greek letters on my keyboard. It is hard work. But I really hope it will become easier one day. I support your statement: Thank you very much to the greek language team, allthough εγώ δεν μιλάω ελληνικά.


Just think that for us greeks it is obligatory to learn any foreign language (and alphabet) through another foreign language, since just a greek-English course is supported in DL . But it is a good exercise for the brain.


Who knows, maybe soon there's going to be a German version of this course!


are you just guessing or is there something you know but i don't?


I wish! I'm only making an assumption, perhaps hoping to trigger something. If I could speak German, I would create this version myself.


personally greek is not only fun it is AWESOME!


Greek is amazing and a wonderful language! Having English as a native, I love how the letters look because it makes it so fun to write. The courses here are great too and thanks to them I can challenge myself with a new language. Ευχαριστώ και αντίο!


Your words made me think of another interesting attribute of the greek language. Usually a greek word hides a story. Exemple: you know of course the word «panic» however I'm not sure that you know that behind that word hides the god «Pan» (Παν) and the legend that wants Pan battling, during the battle of Marathon, at the head of Athenians against the Persians, causing great fear (panic, πανικός) to them. The battle of Marathon is considered of great significance for the whole western civilization. Another legend having to do with the same event explains the origin of the olympic game «Marathon race», etc.


Starting from a language that one already knows is a different case. English has the advantage of the same structure, SVO, as it is in Modern Greek, not the Ancient Greek that is mostly SOV. Also it is analytical as English. The weird thing for the English speaker, I think, it is the genres and declensions. For a French speaking: it is not so weird all these, but the neutral genre, yes, it is weird. The flexibility to skip the personal pronoun in Greek is common in Italian and Spanish, I think. I don't know much German and almost nothing Russian, but I think that they are familiar with 3 genres and declension. But all that speak a language with genres have to take care, because the genres do not coincide in all languages. It is difficult to me too.

I think the alphabet is not so much problem, you 'll see much improvement soon, as you are getting familiar with, day by day. About orthography in Greek, remember that it is historical, there are so many letters (and diphthongs) that sound the same, as ι and ο, so one could say that Modern Greek is a language that comes from the Ancient one, but has lost the variety of her sounds. It is difficult for a native Modern Greek speaker to understand the classical Ancient Greek, but much easier the Greek Koene. This is an advantage for who wants to read the Gospels from the original text, if one is interested in.


Thank you. After about two months of daily study I'm now reading Greek words as units, and am no longer struggling with sounding out individual letters. It has been interesting to see the progression of my reading skills. I'm still having problems knowing when to use η, οι, υ and ω, ο, but that's likely a process of memorization over time. Later this year after finishing my Greek tree I will attempt a Classical Greek course offered through The Great Courses Plus.


A nice post altogether, but Greek is not analytic. It differs a lot from English in that respect.


I'm having a hard time remembering the vocabulary while learning new constructions I haven't founany Duoligo lashcads with audio for my tablet. Without hearing the words I'm just reinforcing my mistakes!

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