"Hányadik buszon utazik Péter?"

Translation:Which bus is Péter traveling on?

October 18, 2016

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Is the question asking the number of the bus, or which bus in a row ?


Which bus in a row. The number of the bus would be asked for with hányas, and the answers are in that format, too: az egyes, kettes, hármas, négyes...


Would this not be better translated as "Which number" ? otherwise simply "Melyik" would suffice here


Yes. I agree it should be "Melyik buszon/busszal utazik Péter?".


The problem is, the Hungarian sentence is already saying "Hányadik...". So, the question is, how best to translate that into English. But English does not really have a proper equivalent for this question. The closest normal question is "Which ... ". Unless someone has a better idea.


Well - I tried with, "On which number bus is Péter travelling?" - Which was rejected, although I think it's not bad. ;)


Not bad at all, under the circumstances. :)
What I find fascinating is that there isn't a proper question word for this, when there is a clear need for it.
Imagine you are finishing a race, and the race director says "Congratulations, you are the ####th". You didn't catch the word. What do you do?
I propose: "I'm sorry, I am the how manieth?" :)


But wrong, see below: then the question would be hányas


you might be mistaken

  • hányas would be to ask the bib number of a runner
  • hányadik would be to ask the ordinal position


Így nem mondják!

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