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  5. "Οι σκούφοι μου."

"Οι σκούφοι μου."

Translation:My caps.

October 18, 2016

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In a previous exercise I was told giving "cap" as the translation for σκούφος was insufficient and that it needed to be "skullcap" or "winter cap" and that the only proper translation for "cap" was καπέλι but here duo's requiring me to translate σκούφος as "cap"!

This is ridiculous, how am I meant to learn when one exercise forces me to do something another says is wrong?

This needs to either specify skullcap or switch to καπέλι assuming the moderator was correct in the other thread; otherwise, someone needs to clarify in that thread and change the answer there


καπέλο το hat (all kinds)

σκούφος ο cap without visor, knit cap, skullcap

κασκέτο το peaked cap

τραγιάσκα η peaked soft woollen cap

ρεπούμπλικα η fedora

Και οι γκόμενες φορέσανε τραγιάσκες, 1933, Μάρκος Βαμβακάρης https://youtu.be/4AJm56ZeLgQ

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Many thanks for this comprehensive list of headgear.


Thanks - this is a good vocab list, but it doesn't help us navigate the inconsistencies in Duo's responses, which was @Tristan_Fairhair's point.


Having looked up images by Greek word, hat and winter hat should be acceptable translations for σκούρος. At least where I'm from, cap would never be used, but it is the expected tile choice for Android. A cap would be more like a baseball hat, which comes up in images for καπέλο (along with various other types of hats).

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Please see this post which also discusses the word σκουφος. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20657980

People often mention "where I come from" and that's one reason we try to include as many varieties of each word as we can.

Thank you again for your comments.


It's been a (long) while, and I'd like to reiterate that if winter caps/skull caps is the expected translation of σκούφο (based on the notes, though I was corrected to simply my hats), winter hats should also be accepted as it is a standard English term used through much of the US.


Considering a previous discussion on this lesson, shouldn't the correct translation be "my winter caps"? There was no winter word to select.

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Are you on the Android because on the web they don't give words to select. In that case, you would choose just "cap" as that must be the way they have it in the incubator.


I've made this way. But when we get a right answer, we made a mental pattern about it. I think making those patterns is supposed to happen. But then we miss a question because we followed the pattern and get confused. But now I know what happened! Thanks!


Οι σκούφοι μου. Meaning: My caps.

In other comments this was not the correct answer, and now it is considered as good (in the same lesson) maybe a check is necessary?


"beanies" seems to be accepted for σκούφους in other questions but not for σκούφοι here? Is that a gap in the list of accepted answers or does this Greek sentence mean something different?


It has been added now.


A skull caps is what Jewish men, bishops, and Popes wear. What your describing we call a knit cap in Michigan,US


Hi, I am wondering what the translation would be for "My hats". Thank you.

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Τα καπέλα μου :)

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Btw I've just changed it to "My caps." which is more general.


While these differences undoubtedly exist in Greek they do not in English. It does not teach us Greek to force distinctions on English words that do not exist. All of the above are hats. Caps includes all of them too. Caps does not include an old fashion hat but that is not here


When do you use τους σκούφους DL wanted τους σκούφους for I have the winter caps. Why isn't it Εγώ έχω οι σκούφοι


The direct object is always in accusative. Τους σκούφούς is acc. pl. of ο σκούφος


This word needs to be purged from this class.

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