"A fiatal sofőr fellép a járdára az autó mellől."

Translation:The young driver steps onto the sidewalk from beside the car.

October 18, 2016

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I'm really hooked on "fellép". ......... "steps up" onto the sidewalk. It's not bad English, and fits into the translation better. Does anyone agree?


The moderators agree. :)

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Wow, Hungarian is a much more precise language when it comes to directions than any other language!


Should you so choose, you can be every bit as precise in English with this. The young driver steps up onto the pavement from beside the car. This one works, word for word. Where Hungarian does rather better is in relation to movement which involves ambiguity in English. The dog lies down at the table. In Hungarian, if it's asztalnál it means the dog is already there and lying down. If it's asztalhoz it means the dog had to get there first and then lie down. With the English version you're not so sure so in this respect the Hungarian language can be impressive.


From beside the car.... Ooh!


I checked my answer several times because it has been accepted before but, for some reason, the computer has gone a bit dotty. "The young driver steps up onto the pavement from beside the car." I know for sure that there is nothing wrong with this answer so the computer needs some attention.


With some relief I find that the computer still accepts pavement so it isn't a transatlantic issue. The problem seems to be with steps up but there's nothing wrong with it and it's what fellép means.


After reading the stuff above, I want to know why „steps up „ is not accepted!.


I think it should be accepted so if it isn't you should report it.

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