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"Dense forests are silent too, animals do not shout."

Translation:A sűrű erdők is csendesek, az állatok nem üvöltenek.

October 18, 2016



Is there anything wrong with "sűrű erdők csendesek is, állatok nem kiabálnak"?


From what I (think I) know so far:

1) I think the sűrű erdők csendesek is part is fine grammatically, but be aware that it means something different:

  • A sűrű erdők csendesek is - Dense forests are silent, among other qualities (such as being dark and potentially sp00ky)

  • A sűrű erdők is csendesek - Dense forests, among other things (such as attics, basements, abandoned factories, etc.), are silent

Which is to say, you put is right after the thing you're also-ing.

2) Like in French, you have to put the definite article in front of the noun that you're going to make a generalization about: A sűrű erdők csendesek is and az állatok nem üvöltenek.

3) kiabál doesn't work with animals - it refers more to saying something coherent or at least recognizably in some language really loudly and angrily - "to shout", in other words - not something that animals (hopefully) do. The verb they're looking for here is üvölt, which I guess is just generally to make loud and angry noises that probably don't coherently mean anything. It's very, very poorly translated as "shout" in the English sentence; it should be "roar" or something.

Is that all more or less correct, native speakers?


I guess it should be only sűrű erdők. There is not The dense forests!!!

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