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"Eu não posso assumir uma coisa que eu não fiz."

Translation:I cannot take responsibility for something that I did not do.

February 9, 2013



The given translation is not natural in English. I can't be responsible for... would be better


Take responsibility is better. It's an active action of admiting/taking responsibility.

Besides the "take on"/"take over" idea being ok, in cases like this, we use "assume" with an "admit guilt" meaning.


Yeah, this makes sense, I think I would prefer if this were translated as "take responsibility for" because I think it would be clearer at explaining the meaning. I was able to figure it out by context but the initial translation didn't seem fully natural.


Yes. It makes more sense to have "take responsibility" or "admit to".

But the other meanings are acceptable.


Sorry, but they are both equally valid.


2020, my reply above was to Andrea.


"I cannot assume responsibility for something that I did not do" is another correct way of expressing this idea in English. Albeit it is more formal than saying "to take responsibility", saying "to assume responsibility" is still fairly common.


I tried that. Was marked wrong.


I would say that assume is equally as common as take.


Isn't the English equivalent "i cannot take credit for something i did not do"?

I think it should have been accepted.


Why do I keep seeing: assumir a responsibilidade por not just assumir?

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