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  5. "Der Professor lernt Deutsch."

"Der Professor lernt Deutsch."

Translation:The professor is studying German.

February 9, 2013



It sounds like there's an extra syllable on the end of 'Professor' here. Anyone else hear that?

EDIT: Or is this a case of consonantal 'r'?


No, I definitely heard it too - it almost sounded like it was saying Professorin, but that obviously makes no sense witht he article of der. I had to play it slowly to make sure that it wasn't meant to be there.


I heard it too. The slow version is unambiguous, but the regular speed one definitely glitches at the end of 'Professor'.


I heard this also in fast speaking. Not in slow speaking.

[deactivated user]

    What about "teaches" or "is teaching"? Is always thought lernen is both, to learn and to teach in German. Especially in this context, I would guess that a professor teaches someone, not is being taught.


    That would be lehrt, not lernt.


    The professor teaches German would be in German: Der Professor unterrichtet Deutsch.


    Why can't i write "lernt" as "learning"? Does learning has a different word?


    teacher is not valid?

    [deactivated user]

      "Professor" means "professor" and nothing else. The German for "teacher" is "Lehrer" (primary/secondary school) or "Dozent" (university).


      How is used "Professor"?

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