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"Dw i erioed wedi bod i Sbaen o'r blaen."

Translation:I've never been to Spain before.

October 19, 2016



Could "mynd" be used here instead of "bod"?


That would be "I've never gone to Spain"


So it means much the same but is not the direct translation. When there is a choice of two valid translations they prefer the more direct one.


Is 'erioed' north Walian?


No. erioed is used for 'ever/never' with perfective verbs in the past (present perfect, pluperfect/past perfect and simple past), and byth is used for 'ever/never' in other tenses.


Thanks for clarifying that


There is nothing to indicate that this is a negative sentence (no ddim and 'dw i' could be positive or negative) except that it doesn't make sense as a positive one.


It's a very important word is except. So this sentence either has a negative sense or no sense at all. I go with the negative sense.

In fact quite a lot of the so-called negative markers in Welsh, most notably dim, are not really negative markers. (The original meaning of dim is 'any(thing)'. It is just so commonly used in negative senses that it is thought of as a negative marker.

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