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  5. "Beth sy'n bod arnoch chi?"

"Beth sy'n bod arnoch chi?"

Translation:What's wrong with you?

October 19, 2016



Is this exclusive to health? Would people use this sort of structure to judge someones decisions or choice?


I'm not clear about this "sy'n". I had got used to "beth yw...". And some interrogatives take "mae" ("ble mae", etc). Can we please have some guidance on verb usage with interrogatives, as I am getting lost.


I'm replying because as a learner I'm trying to get the hang of this too, and I'm hoping ibisc , shwmae, EllisVaughan, or rmcode will check and correct this as necessary.

I think 'sy'n' is used when the subject of the verb is that first word - eg beth, pwy.

Pwy sy'n siarad? Who's talking?

Beth sy'n bod? What is the matter?

When that first element and the subject of the verb are not the same, i think you use 'mae':

Pwy mae Sioned yn hoffi? Who does Sioned like? ( 'pwy' and 'Sioned' are not the same.)

Beth mae Sioned yn wneud? What is Sioned doing? (And 'gwneud' mutates because of that 'lost ei'??)

When you're asking 'what is Sioned? A teacher? A singer?' I think you use 'ydy': Beth ydy Sioned? What is Sioned? (An equivative sentence: X = Y. )

Pwy ydy Sioned? Who is Sioned? (Is she Alys's mother, Owen's business partner, ...?)

Is that right? Looking forward to feedback - diolch i chi gyd, siaradwyr Cymraeg sy'n helpu ni.


Late reply, but you're spot on!


Why is it not what is the matter with you?


'What is/What's the matter with you?' are also in the database as acceptable answers.


mae o'n cywir yng ngogledd cymru

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