"The white flowers drink water."

Translation:Die weißen Blumen trinken Wasser.

February 9, 2013



Why 'weissen Blaumen' and why not 'weisse Blaumen'?

February 9, 2013


This is weak declension in the nominative case.

See: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/wei%C3%9F#Declension

Examples for weak declension: "Der weiße Hund trinkt Wasser." "Die weiße Blume trinkt Wasser." "Das weisse Tier trinkt Wasser."

Examples from strong declension: "Ein weißer Hund trinkt Wasser." "Ein weiße Blume trinkt Wasser.""Ein weißes Tier trink Wasser." "Zwei weiße Blumen trinken Wasser."

February 9, 2013
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