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second/third person help

i might just be missing the details but when would i use (for example) "escribe," "escriben" and "escribes?" When does the 's' and 'n' come in to play on the verbs. can't seem to get a single one of those questions right. i get the first person conjugation. second/third person baffles. please advise.

June 17, 2012



ah-hah! so escribe is for he/she, escribe's' is for you, and escribe'n' is for plural subjects. thank you!


@samstown22, you can usually hover over a verb and get a conjugation table. I recommend doing so until you learn all the basic endings.

There are three main types of verbs in Spanish. Some that end in ar, some that end in er, and some that end in ir. Once you learn the rules of conjugation, you will be able to effortlessly translate ~95% of the verbs you see.

Here is a link to the table for hablar: http://www.123teachme.com/spanish_verb_conjugation/hablar In the beginning, just focus on the row for present tense. You will learn the rest of the tenses eventually.


All the forms of "escribir" you've written here are present-tense conjugations. El/Ella escribe (she writes), Tu escribes (you write), Ellos/Ellas escriben (they write).


You got it! :-)

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