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  5. "Мусульмани ідуть у мечеть."

"Мусульмани ідуть у мечеть."

Translation:The Muslims are going to a mosque.

October 19, 2016



Is there a difference between ідуть and йдуть? And why not у мечеті?

[deactivated user]

    There's no difference between ідуть and йдуть. I believe both should be accepted in this sentence.

    «У мече́ті» 'in [a] mosque' is the location, «у мече́ть» 'to [a] mosque' is the destination. If you used «у мече́ті», this would mean they are already in the mosque, they just walk inside it.


    That's right. Мечеті can also be a plural of мечеть.

    Considering "й" and "і", and also "в" and "у" at the beginning of the words, in most cases the difference is purely phonetic, so you use a consonant when there are a lot of vowels around and vice versa. Do not confuse "удача" and "вдача" though: the first one means "luck" and the second "temper, character". However, this is the only exception I can think of.


    Why is "Moslems go to the mosque" incorrect. Is this a different present tense.


    Йдуть would be the preferred form here

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