"I opened the window because it was hot."

Translation:Άνοιξα το παράθυρο γιατί είχε ζέστη.

October 19, 2016

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Why is it γιατί and not επειδή?


To teach you that it can also mean "because", I suppose.

Both γιατί and επειδή are accepted in a Greek answer.

I don't think there's a difference in meaning between them.

(Though of course γιατί can also mean "why?" in a question sentence.)


Is it incorrect to say " ήταν ζέστη" or as Emno suggested " έκανε ζέστη" ?


Ήταν ζέστη is not correct, είχε/έκανε ζέστη are both fine.


Ευχαριστώ πολύ D-..


I wrote ήταν ζεστό DL marked it right is it correct


ήταν ζεστό refers to an object (or similar) that was warm/hot, not the weather. Ζεστός/ή/ό is the adjective and ζέστη (noun) = heat, used to describe the weather. The English phrase is a bit ambiguous if you think that maybe it = the room was hot. Not quite an "object", but I hope you see what I mean. So your translation is a possible correct one, if not the most obvious without context as far as I can tell.


why not εκανε ζεστη?


Because "είχε ζέστη" means "it was hot" How do you say: "I am hot" (in the sense of feeling hot)? Could it be "νιώθώ ζέστη"? Excuse me for the stresses on the omegas but I don't have a Greek keyboard.


Another time you accepted for the same sentence Άνοιξα το παράθυρο γιατί ήταν ζεστό. Difference between ήταν and είχε ???

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