"I have a wife."

Translation:Εγώ έχω μία σύζυγο.

October 19, 2016

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What is the difference between γυναικα and συζυγο.I have never seen the second word before.


γυναίκα means "woman", άντρας means "man", and σύζυγος means "spouse".

In a possessive context, η γυναίκα μου / ο άντρας μου means "my wife / my husband" (etc.); similarly with η σύζυγός μου / ο σύζυγός μου which could also be translated as "my wife / my husband" alongside "my spouse / my spouse".

Note that σύζυγος has a different grammatical gender depending on whether it's a male spouse or a female spouse.

(Literally, a σύζυγος is a partner that you are yoked together with, like two oxen which are joined together by their yoke and who till a field as a pair.)


γυναίκα means woman; σύζυγος means spouse


Is μία really acceptable without an accent?


Yes. Μία is the feminine for "one" whereas μια is the feminine indefinite article.


And the pronunciation difference is "mi.a" (two syllables) versus "mja" or "mya" (one syllable).


So "Έχω μία γυναίκα" is actually wrong?

Also, this is not applied consistently here. For example, Duolingo insists on "Αυτή είναι μία πίτσα" as the correct translation of "This is a pizza." I typed "Αυτή είναι μια πίτσα" and this was marked a "typo".


It's basically the same, with "μία" putting stress on the quantity (one wife/pizza) etc, and "μια" emphasizing the existence of the thing in discussion (a wife/pizza) etc. But one can practically use either, it's not an issue ;)


Thank you. Is there a way to make a similar distinction with masculine and neuter nouns?

Also, if that is the case, then Duolingo ought to accept both options as correct.


No, no distinction can be made as far as "ένας" and "ένα" are concerned.

About this sentence, however, I've checked and we have included both "μία" and "μια" as possible translations.


Can I say " Έχω γυναίκα" or it's wrong?


there is a problem with the Greek app. previously when I marked both γυναίκα and σύζυγος as correct I was told that only σύζυγος was correct. Not that I agreed, but the next time I got the question I answered σύζυγος and was told that γυναίκα was correct!!!


What were the entire sentences that you saw?

The system sometimes tries to trick you by throwing in distractors that are almost correct but not quite, e.g. σύζυγος (wrong case) or ένα (wrong gender), so you have to look closely.


Why isn't the accusative article used here?


The accusative form of μια is μια. :)


I have been told repeatedly the a man's γυναίκα is his wife unless the context clearly mitigates against this meaning.


There was no option to select "σύζυγο", only "γυναικα"


"Σύζυγο" (f/m-accusative case) has been added!


Both Εγώ έχω μία γυναίκα and Έχω μία σύζυγο are marked as "best" translations, and you might receive word bank tiles for either of those.

You do not have to select σύζυγο; selecting γυναίκα is also fine. In a possessive context ("have"), both words mean "wife".

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