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Activity Feed Not Working

For about a week now, I haven't seen an update from any of the 50+ students I am following. I know that they are earning points and learning skills, but I see no update of it in my activity feed.

It appears to be broken.

October 19, 2016



I went to your profile stream and looked at the last four people you followed: JMFBM12; HalleDoll; hana99j; and DieterBate. (I assume these are some of your students)

None of these users have profile streams. I think that around a week ago you unchecked the Enable Activity Stream checkbox.



Thanks, Jim.

I did indeed disable the social feed, but I thought I was only doing it for one grade.

You might have solved the problem outright. Here, have a lingot!


Moving this post to the Educators forum is more like to get a better response for this problem.

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