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Is the “words” session going to be implemented?

If not, here is a suggestion: In the German course they have this option on the top menu called “words”, between “home” and “activities”, that takes you to a page with a list of words, each one with its own level of “consolidation”. It's similar to the lessons in the course tree, but in a different interface. There you can take a little guessing session with a few words you're starting to lose acquaintance with.

I think it is really helpful to keep your vocabulary in check. After the accusative and plurals lessons, I noticed I am forgetting many of the intransitive verbs and some other vocabulary. Can anyone from the staff tell if you're thinking about implementing it?

October 19, 2016



Yes here are the steps to get the word list.

  1. Change your language to spanish or any language that has a word list

  2. Open a new tab

  3. On the second tab, change your language to Hungarian

  4. Go back to the first tab, and click "words" at the top

Then it should go to Hungarian words :)


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This was the first time I understood step-by-step how to get to the word list! Some Lingots for you! :)


Oh thanks for the lingots! And you're welcome :)


Nice one! haha Thanks! :D


Brilliant! Thank you.


It works, but it always deafults to no Words tab after you load/change anything else. Would be much better if Words tab is included everywhere


It does not work (anymore?) I get the error 404 page :(


Same here. I get a 404 page. This would be extremely helpful, please.

Edit: Found it! Open a new window and then follow instructions.


Strange! That really works! Thanks a lot!

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